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IP routing is the process of sending packets from a host on one network to another host on a different remote network. This process is usually done by routers. Routers examine the destination IP address of a packet , determine the next-hop address, and forward the packet. IP Routing Explained - NetworkLessons.com Look for a match in the routing table for the destination IP address, figure out what the outgoing interface and optionally, the next hop IP address is. Decrease the TTL (Time to Live) field in the IP header, recalculate the header checksum. Encapsulate the IP packet in a new Ethernet frame. IP addressing and routing An IP (IPv4) address is composed of numbers separated by dots, for example, Each of the numbers can be between 0 and 255 and they aren’t arbitrary. In fact, there is a structure built into IP addresses that allow data packets to be routed efficiently.

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In the simplest terms, IP Routing is the process of moving packets from its source to its destination across internetworks. To be able to route packets, a router must know at a minimum the following: Destination address Neighbor routers from which it can learn about remote networks Possible routes to all remote networks The best […] Understanding TCP/IP addressing and subnetting basics

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What is IP Routing? - Definition from Techopedia Jun 11, 2019 IP Routing - Citrix Docs MAC Address Wildcard Mask for ACLs. Blocking Traffic on Internal Ports. IP Routing Configuring Dynamic Routes. Configuring RIP . Configuring OSPF . Configuring BGP . Configuring IPv6 RIP . Configuring IPv6 OSPF . Configuring ISIS . Installing Routes to the NetScaler Routing Table IP Routing on Cisco IOS, IOS XE, and IOS XR: An Essential Classful Routing 50. Classless Routing 53. Variable-Length Subnet Masks 55. Summarization 56. Private IP Addressing 58. Special IP Addresses 59. IPv4 Address Configuration 60. Wildcard Subnet Masks 62. Summary 64. References in This Chapter 65. Chapter 3 How a Router Works 67. IP Routing 67. Distance Vector Algorithms 69. Enhanced Distance