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How to move your home folder to another partition in Thanks for the A2A. Answers can actually be found on Google and likely on the Ubuntu forum. I’d be tempted to bet, that even here on Quora similar questions and answers can be found. Here is my take on this: * prepare the partition you want to put Install on Docker - Run on Ubuntu / Debian Apr 17, 2019 Move ‘Show Applications’ Button to the Top in Ubuntu 19.10

6 Ways to Open Folders in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Moving /home on Ubuntu to a second drive - TechSparx Moving your home folder to another partition in Ubuntu is fairly straight-forward. You may want, as I do, to move /home to another drive, or you may want to set up multiple partitions on one drive, with /home as its own partition. In this case we're focused on moving the /home partition to a new partion on a second drive. The instructions How to Access Your Ubuntu Bash Files in Windows (and Your Jun 26, 2019

For instance, if I have a file (or a folder) called ‘cool video 4’ in my Home directory, then if I use the below command while copying, it’ll fail saying there’s no such file. cp -vi cool video 4 /media/pen. The correct command will be the below one. cp -vi "cool video 4" /media/pen. Hope this helps.

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