Nov 26, 2002

Take Action | Hollaback! Together We Have the Power to End Take some time to read stories of harassmentfrom around the world, and show others you’ve got their back by clicking the anonymous “I’ve Got Your Back” button. You can also sign up to intervene on behalf of people being intervened online at Hollaback!’s platform to address online harassment, HeartMob. Holla! How-Tos | Hollaback! Together We Have the Power to Hollaback! is all about using a diversity of tactics to keep our movement moving. Host a Panel Discussion: Hosting a panel discussion is a great way to get people talking about street harassment. In a panel discussion, the audience will hear the unique perspectives each panelist has to contribute.

Hollaback or holla back may refer to: "Hollaback Girl", a 2005 single by Gwen Stefani; Hollaback!, an online organization formed to combat harassment; This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Hollaback. If an internal

A holler back girl is the kind of girl who if you holler or holla at them, they are likely to acknowledge your attempt to mack or spit game and give you a chance. 2. A holler back girl is one who if you meet and exchange numbers and even talk about getting together in some indefinite future event, is the one who would call you first.

Hustle n Holla - Back to basics with @abeerrizviofficial

meaning - What does "Hollaback Girl" mean? - English The most commonly accepted meaning is that a hollaback girl responds to a confrontation with words but that Stefani would rather take initiative and "step it up". However, the term can be traced to American construction workers of the 1940s used to denigrate females that would positively respond to their "catcalls" or hollers. Hollaback! - 3,234 Photos - Local Business - Brooklyn, New