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How to whitelist website using Night Eye 1. Go to any website that you would like to whitelist 2. Open the extension window 3. Click on Normal Mode That is it! You whitelisted this website! Until you change the preferred Mode (Normal, Filtered or Dark), it will remain with the current preference. how do I white list a website? - Microsoft Community May 02, 2011 How to Block All Websites Except Approved Ones on Windows 10

Sep 11, 2019

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May 10, 2013 How to Block All Websites Except Those Whitelisted | HT Vector Whitelist allows you to automatically block all websites that are not on your list of allowed sites. That requires preparation at the beginning to prepare the whitelist, but guarantees maximum protection and reduces your risks to a minimum. Whitelist mode is ideal for children under 10-11 years. How to Whitelist a Website in uBlock Origin, Adblock, and Sep 11, 2019 How to whitelist sites for Auto-Play on Safari - TechRepublic Nov 27, 2017