Chapter 21 VLANs - Arista Networks

802.1Q: This is the most common trunking protocol. It’s a standard and supported by many vendors. ISL: This is the Cisco trunking protocol. Not all switches support it. Let’s take a look at 802.1Q: Here’s an example of an 802.1Q Ethernet frame. Section 21.3: VLAN Configuration Procedures - Arista Dot1q (802.1Q) is a tunneling protocol that encapsulates traffic from multiple customer (c-tag) VLANs in an additional single outer service provider (s-tag) VLAN for transit across a larger network structure that includes traffic from all customers. Layer 2 Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE Gibraltar 16.11

Aug 26, 2018

Q-in-Q vlan with dot1q-tunneling not working - J-Net Community 802.1Q Tag: 4000, Internal index: 8, Admin State: Enabled, Origin: Static Description: Dot1q Tunneling status: Enabled Customer VLAN ranges: 1-4094 Protocol: Port Mode, Mac aging time: 300 seconds Number of interfaces: Tagged 1 (Active = 1), Untagged 1 (Active = 1) xe-0/1/0.0*, tagged, trunk ge-0/0/1.0*, untagged, access > show vlans v4000

cisco QinQ , 802.1Q tunneling - 想

day 271 - LAB: 802.1q tunneling (q-in-q). VLOG: keeping up Aug 26, 2018 Configuration Guide