2017-10-9 · According to this email, which appears to come from PayPal, your account has been closed for security reasons. Supposedly, PayPal locked the account because someone recently tried to log in from an unfamiliar location. The email instructs you to click a button to activate the account and confirm that it was you who tried to log in.

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Solved: [Email address hidden] Hi we are in the same situation. Problem guest who Stayed in accommodation for 2 and a half months then tried to get a huge refund a whole month after leaving the accommodation (after leaving a note saying how they loved the place). Paypal permanently locked my account! Advice needed! 2008-12-11 How to Get PayPal Account Back? - Specky Geek

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If PayPal closes your account due to restricted activities violations and your account contains a balance at the time of closure, PayPal may hold the balance for 180 days. If there are any fines or liabilities associated with your account closure, PayPal will deduct those fees directly from any existing balance. PayPal: How to Unlock & Recover PayPal Account? Brief