#5225 (qos: uplink limit less than 1mbps has poor

Apr 29, 2019 How to Install DD WRT on Your Router: 15 Steps (with Pictures) Jan 28, 2018 Speeds with Netgear r7000 and DD-WRT? : DDWRT If I have your question right, your asking if the speed through a VPN is faster using software on a computer or a R7000 router. Well, I have a R7000 flashed to Kong DD-WRT and ran into this. Basically, the router's dual core processor can't keep up with the speed of a computers CPU.

Jul 11, 2017

DD-WRT - Advanced Wireless Settings | InfoDepot Wiki | Fandom 2.) All clients connected to the dd-wrt AP are configured for CTS\RTS mode as apposed to setting of "disabled" or "CTS-Self" mode. NOTE Typically the The RTS Threshold value on dd-wrt is only lowered when needed to address or troubleshoot some sort of connectivity or performance issue with a client or all clients on a WLAN. #5225 (qos: uplink limit less than 1mbps has poor

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