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Country Facts - Thousands of Country Facts for Kids Welcome to our Country Facts library. On this page you can access one of the largest collections of facts about countries on the internet. This is the perfect resource for students, teachers or anyone who wants to learn more about specific countries from around the world. We hope you find these country facts fun, exciting and educational. 20 Interesting Kim Jong-Un Facts 2020-7-23 · Interesting Kim Jong-Un facts: 1-5. 1. Kim Jong-Un is the 3 rd generation of the dictator of North Korea or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Democracy and dictatorship don’t go hand in hand but that’s how it has been in North Korea for 3 generations. 2. 10 Very Cool Facts About South Korean Culture 2 days ago · Our expert understanding of South Korea, means we can share some of the cooler facts about South Korean culture with you! The Author's favourite, is Fact No. 4! 1. South Korean men like to make the most of their appearances and, as such, it is believed that almost a quarter of men use makeup as part of their daily routine. 10 facts about North Korea - fun and interesting North

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50 Important Facts About North Korea - The Fact File 2020-3-4 · The Korean Demilitarized Zone marks the boundary between North Korea and South Korea. Below are 50 important facts about North Korea, its uniqueness, history, economy, education, government, leaders, and strategies. 50 Important facts about North Korea. 1. Interestingly, you can smoke Marijuana legally in North Korea. It is not even classified

Ten fun facts about North Korea Fact 1 The official name of the country is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). North Korea has the fifth largest military force …

25 Surprising Facts You May Not Know About North Korea 2014-6-25 · 25 Surprising Facts You May Not Know About North Korea. A world with unicorns, no traffic lights, and a happy American veteran. by Candace Lowry. Pyongyang has three fun fairs,