The Firesheep Firefox extension is designed to illustrate how easy this sensitive information can be sidejacked and to encourage website owners to offer more secure login-ins, such as full end-to-end encryption (HTTPS or SSL). Firesheep was designed by E ric Butler, a freelance web application and software developer in Seattle, WA.

What Did We Learn From Firesheep and SSLStrip? | Jim Shaver 2015-1-10 · Firesheep was awesome for what it was, but it is not penetration testing tool, it is a novelty. A few years ago Matthew Sullivan , made a much more refined alternative called “ Cookie Cadger ” which isn’t bound by these issues. FireSheep Not working please help !? | Yahoo Answers 2010-11-9 · I cant get my firesheep to work!! help!? I downloaded firesheep yesterday and all the programs needed for it to work, the firesheep tab shows up on firefox but nothing comes up when i click on start capturing, i opened preferences and tried to look for anything suitable but i only found #1Marvel yukon ethernet controller #2 Ms tunnel interface driver #3 and #4 are both microsoft, i am not sure Firesheep And BlackSheep On Firefox 4.0+ | Zscaler

I believe you can use an older version of Firefox. As long as you don't update Firefox, the extension should work. You may follow the link below or search for older

A few weeks ago Ben Ellison had a story on a program called “Firesheep” which makes hacking WiFi signals much easier. Recently John Harries had an even better discussion on his website (be sure to read the comments on both). This issue is of concern to anyone who uses WiFi to send data they would not otherwise want in the hands of someone intent on no good. HTTPS Everywhere Gets Firesheep Protection - Slashdot

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Use Firesheep to combat. Firesheep! BlackSheep is based on the FireSheep source code. It reuses the same network listening back-end and the list of sites and corresponding cookies, etc. This ensures that the fake traffic generated by BlackSheep is what Firesheep is expecting. BlackSheep in action First, install BlackSheep here.