Jul 17, 2012

How to Setup E-mail on a Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 - Samsung This guide will help you through setting up Mail on your Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. The reference pictures used are from an S3 however these steps should be the same for an S4. Please fully read the instruction before starting. Access the Settings section of your Galaxy device and navigate to the Accounts section. How to unlock password on Samsung Galaxy S3 - Phones Then you can enter the password you set on your Samsung Galaxy S3 to access as usual. A small recap on patterns on your Samsung Galaxy S3. A lock screen is a user interface element used by many operating systems, as the one on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

The email application on your Galaxy S3 is only an email client, i.e, all its data comes from your email provider, including the password. If you want to change your email's password, you need to go to a browser and change it from the email's official site.

Jul 17, 2012 How to Set up a Secure Screen Lock on Galaxy S20 [PIN unlock] Jun 17, 2020

How to Set up a Secure Screen Lock on Galaxy S20 [PIN unlock]

How do I set up Wi-Fi tethering on my Samsung Galaxy - Select the given Wi-Fi tethering, type in the provided Password and press 'Connect'. - Once it's connected you will receive the Mac address of the other device, which is using your Network. - If you want only selected devices to use your network please go to: Help!!! Samsung S3 Phone locked, forgotton password [Resolved] Nov 04, 2015 How to customize the galaxy s3 lockscreen - Android Swipe This is the stock lock screen that your galaxy s3 is set up with when you take it out of the box.It functions in such a way that it displays a picture. When you touch the screen there is a ripple affect as if you put your finger in water.