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The RAND, together with the SIM card-Ki are passed into the SIM card-A8 (ciphering key) algorithm, to produce a ciphering key (KC). The KC generated is used with the A5 (stream ciphering) algorithm to encipher or decipher the data. The A5 algorithm is stored in the phone’s hardware and is responsible for encrypting and decrypting data on the fly. How Does HTTPS Work? RSA Encryption Explained « TipTopSecurity A unique encryption key (just a long string of random text) An encryption algorithm (a math function that “garbles” the data) You plug the data and the key into the algorithm and what comes out the other side is cipher text. That is, the encrypted form of your data which looks like gibberish. traffic encryption key - definition - English

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While encryption technologies have been key tools for ensuring web traffic stays private and secure, cybercriminals are also using encryption to hide malware and execute web-based attacks. Inspecting encrypted traffic is more critical than ever before to keep modern business networks secure. Yet, detecting suspicious web traffic for malicious

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