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Mar 30, 2013 Manual:Interface/Gre - MikroTik Wiki Name of the tunnel. remote-address (IP; Default: ) IP address of remote tunnel end. Setup examples. The goal of this example is to get Layer 3 connectivity between two remote sites over the internet. We have two sites, Site1 with local network range and Site2 with local network range Enabling Lync Media to Bypass a VPN Tunnel - Microsoft® All URLs defined for simple URLs and pool web services (including external web services FQDNs) must return a public IP address routed outside of the VPN tunnel. Example: Table 3. Example Simple URL DNS Entries Record Resolves to Description Web-external.contoso.com …

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IP in IP is an IP tunneling protocol that encapsulates one IP packet in another IP packet. To encapsulate an IP packet in another IP packet, an outer header is added with SourceIP, the entry point of the tunnel and the Destination point, the exit point of the tunnel. While doing this, the inner packet is unmodified (except the TTL field, which is decremented). Information About IP Tunnels. IPtunnelscanencapsulateasame-layerorhigher-layerprotocolandtransporttheresultoverIPthrougha tunnelcreatedbetweentwodevices. IPtunnelsconsistsofthefollowingthreemaincomponents: •Passengerprotocol—Theprotocolthatneedstobeencapsulated.IPv4isanexampleofapassenger protocol. •Carrierprotocol—Theprotocolthatisusedtoencapsulatethepassengerprotocol.CiscoNX-OSsupports genericroutingencapsulation(GRE),andIP-in-IPencapsulationanddecapsulationascarrierprotocols.

The Linux ip tunnel command sequence (Example 11-1) offers several other options such as tunnel keys, TTL/TOS manipulation, and other features. I do not recommend using keys or TOS options for tunnel setup with non-Linux/Cisco gateways for compatibility reasons. The Linux IP-IP tunnel supports tunnel checksum, sequence datagrams, and path maximum transmission unit (MTU) discovery compatible

The ip_gre module is not inserted by default in the kernel after installing Debian. ip tunnel show does not display any tunnel. After inserting the ip_gre module, but without creating any tunnel, gre0 appears and is undeletable and unchangeable as expected. Thus gre0 seems to be a dummy tunnel created by default by the ip_gre module. ip-l2tp(8) - Linux manual page ip l2tp show tunnel - show information about tunnels tunnel_id ID set the tunnel id of the tunnel to be shown. If not specified, information about all tunnels is printed. ip l2tp add session - add a new session to a tunnel name NAME sets the session network interface name. Default is l2tpethN. Linux GRE - ip tunnel vs ip link - Server Fault